Short Film: Have You Met You

18 . Jan . 2018
Reading Time: 2 minutes

The short film format and digital medium is becoming a favorite for actors and celebs from Bollywood. While other actors are waiting for a big project to make their short film and web series debut, Karan Wahi has gone ahead and released a short film that he’s co-produced.

That short film is Have You Met You, which stars Karan Wahi, Sheban Azim and others. The storyline is simple to begin with. Karan Wahi plays himself, someone who’s having a bad day. He has almost broken up with his girlfriend, he has had a bad day at work and he’s ignoring his mom’s call.

As he’s driving in a rage towards home, he meets a young man who asks him for a lift and introduces himself as Karan Wahi. Dismissing it as a coincidence, Karan agrees to drop the man to his building – they stay in the same one – and even invites him in for a drink. It is only the next day that Karan realizes what’s going on.

What’s Wow: The concept, to begin with, is intriguing and holds interest. This is one of those rare short films that’s part psychological and part philosophy. The runtime is a little over 15 minutes and thanks to the material, it doesn’t bore the audience. The screenplay is crisp, and that’s a positive for a film that’s essentially two people speaking to each other over a drink – literally, one single drink.

What’s Blah?: The concept is an interesting one and the performances are at par. What’s lacking in parts is the screenplay. This film has a bold, audacious concept and that could have come out better, if only there was a stronger, more creative screenplay. Because the screenplay is a bit on the weaker side, the audience doesn’t exactly understand the complexity of the concept and it fails to hit home. Nevertheless, as a psychological story, this is a more than welcome short film.

Parting Shot: Karan Wahi makes a good short film.

Cast: Karan Wahi, Sehban Azim

Directed By: Karan Wahi DOP: Ravi Baliyan

Story: Karan Wahi
Produced By: Gaurav Bajaj & Karan Wahi

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