Short Film: Meri Nimmo

28 . Apr . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

Meri Nimmo is a cute concept that revolves around a nine-year old village boy Khemu who loves Nimmo, a soon to be married girl. Nimmo takes care of Khemu, whenever his widowed mother is busy with work.

As Nimmo’s wedding day nears, Khemu tries everything his innocent brain suggests to keep Nimmo from marrying her fiancé. Nimmo, on her part, just brushes off all of Khemu’s attempts to woo her, as child’s play. But Khemu is persistent on having Nimmo as his bride.

What’s WOW? The original is very simple and retains the village essence quite brilliantly. Anjali Patil does the simple village act quite brilliantly. But Karan Dave is definitely impressive.

What’s Blah? Though the original is a simple yet interesting, spending a few more minutes at the editing table could have done wonders to it. At 1.30 hours, you are bound to wish it ended quickly. That the only loophole you can find in Meri Nimmo.

Parting Shot: If you are in a mood to watch something simple and endearing, Meri Nimmo is just what you are looking for.

Director: Rahul Shanklya

Cast: Karan Dave, Anjali Patil
Producer: Aanand L Rai

Meri Nimmo is now streaming on Eros Now

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