Short Film: Me Too

07 . Mar . 2018
Reading Time: 2 minutes

The Me Too thing has taken the world of online and offline by storm. More and more women from all walks of life are talking about how they have experienced sexual harassment. Of course, there will be films and short films about it and Playground Digital Media’s Me Too short film is one of the few – unfortunately, it comes across as an extremely weirdly directed short film.

Me Too – Short Film starts off with a woman talking about how she was sexually assaulted and goes on to become a pink – replete with flowers and a romantic dinner – love story between a husband and a wife. There’s the token mother-in-law who turns into being the verbal punching bag for the message that the film-maker wants to convey.

What’s Wow: Nothing

What’s Blah: While the concept is good, what fails the film is the screenplay. Firstly, the concept of a woman getting sexually assaulted is treated with the lightness of a person losing her job, or a teenager who’s not allowed to go for a Goa trip.  So, while the director wants the audience to accept that audacity of a sexual assault, we also see the survivor catch up with her friend for coffee and finally have a romantic dinner with her husband.

Apart from the solitary half a minute, the audience never experiences what a sexual assault is – with the characters talking about it. This is weird, a film that wants to bring sexual assault to the fore itself skirts around the issue. The tacky way the sexual assault survivor is shown with mile long bruises on an otherwise made-up face is again, weird.

Films about sexual assault should no longer be creative takes on the instance. It is high time that these films try to tell what happens to the psyche of a person after she – or he – undergoes sexual assault. If that’s not happening, there’s no reason for a film that promotes itself with this hashtag to exist.

Parting Shot: This short film seems like a cheapshot at owning the hash tag.

Cast: Sid Makkar, Archanna Guptaa

Producers: Playground Digital Media