Short Film : Matched

20 . Aug . 2018
Reading Time: 2 minutes

It is true that technology is connecting people from across various walks of life. Irrespective of the factors such as caste, creed, religion and nationality, people have been interacting thanks to the various social media sites and also dating platforms. What is intriguing though is the fact that not many people are able to look beyond these factors. The new short film Matched though talks about how at times we have to consider these factors while taking big decisions in life.

Maya is browsing through Tinder while watching an India Pakistan match when she chances upon the profile of Sameer and likes him. Sameer who is also watching the match likes her back and both start talking about the game. As they talk about the strengths of the two teams it is revealed that their nationalities are different.

Despite belonging to two different nations, the two continue to catch online. Maya helps Sameer take the start-up plunge, while Sameer convinces her to go abroad for further studies. As Maya is prepping to go to London for her studies, the two chat about an upcoming cricket match in London.

What Wow? The film has a lot to offer to the audiences. There are so much emotions running whenever there’s any film/series based on India-Pakistan relationship. This film captures that emotion really well.

What’s Blah? The story of the film is not something we have not heard of before. There was a similar venture wherein the boy was Indian and the girl was Pakistani and the two didn’t realise this until they decided on a venue to meet.

Parting Shot: Despite the similarities with another short film, Matched manages to keep your interest in tact throughout its running time. The performances are good, and overall the film is a decent attempt.

Arre and Teeli have collaborated for this short film Matched.