Short Film – Manan

13 . May . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

A simple story often speaks a thousand words. I also believe what really connects the audience to a film is the emotion it invokes. If the maker gets the emotion right, his job is done. While the mother of an adult son in the old age home is melancholic about her living conditions, she doesn’t complain about it with usual distain. Though she starts off with what is wrong with the home, she rounds off with what is wrong with her son in fact.

What’s wow? Beautiful dialogues and a very able cast aside, the writing is lucid and warm. The colour tone is soothing and the camera follows the dialogues without meddling with the pace of the film. The adorable mother portrayed by Prema Sakhardande is a real sport. She isn’t the kind of lady who would bear the brunt of her son’s insensitivity without countering it. How she does it though is exemplary and her wit deserves special mention.

What’s blah: With the subject of the film being so close to my heart and and a plot so crisp and sweet, there isn’t anything really that I don’t love about the film.

Parting shot: While most of us aren’t evil, we do become insensitive to other’s feeling from time to time. In a matter of three and a half minutes, the writer and director makes us look into the goodness in us. And who can do that better than your own mother, who is your first and lifelong teacher.

Cast: Girish Pardeshi, Prema Sakhardande

Director: Monoj Borkotoky

Produced by: Six Sigma Films

Duration : 3: 30


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