Short Film: Love you Papa

07 . Oct . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

The digital world gives a platform to emotions and stories that aren’t explored on the traditional mediums. Love you Papa is one such story which seems apt for the digital medium. The short film includes two parallel stories set in Mumbai and London each.

In the Mumbai story, a young girl and her parents feature who shares a special bond with her father. A young lady aspiring to be a director is based in London. How their story is inter-woven is really the message of the film.

What’s WOW? The two stories in the short film are so nicely connected you can’t really help but smile and cry at the same time. What amazed us is the background score for this short film – a girl child’s rendition of the Nirvana Shatakam shloka. The innocence in the short film is best depicted through this composition. All the main actors in the film have played their part with gusto.

What’s Blah? There’s one flaw/mistake that we, at found. In the offer letter from BBC, the lady’s name is mentioned ‘Athena Sharma’. It changes to ‘Aisha Mehta’ when put on the magazine covers.  That’s the only oops moment we found, which can surely be surpassed as the error doesn’t affect the narrative at all.

Parting Shot: Love You Papa is a must-watch for anyone who likes some good stories with an emotional touch. The short film inspires, makes you emotional and also happy all at the same time.

Director: Prawaal Raman

Duration: 6.02 mins


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