Short Film: Lift

02 . Nov . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

Romantic stories have been done to death. And when you know that a 15-year old has made a short film, there are many pre-conceived notions in your head. But Ida Ali has shunned many of them with her first directorial venture. Daughter of famous director Imtiaz Ali, Ida’s Lift is a romantic story that witnesses a sea of change inside the Lift.

Arjun and Tanya live in the same building and regularly meet eye-to-eye in the lift. Their romance builds and they come close. After a fight the two part ways, and are accidentally bumping into each other inside the lift.

As they continue to ignore each other in the lift, one day the lift stops midway. What happens next?

What’s WOW? The sheer simplicity of the short film is so adorable. The lead actors have played their part with élan. You can totally believe they have fallen in love.

What’s Blah? Just because we loved the film so much, it would have been better if the film was longer. But talking sense, the film is a must-watch at 12 minutes.

Parting Shot: Ida has surely got it (film-making gene) from her father. Her story-telling is engrossing. Lift is a far cry from the mushy romances that young directors are known.

Director: Ida Ali

Producer: Window Seat Films

Cast: Pavail Gulati, Ananya Sharma

Duration: 12.14 minutes

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