Short Film: LIFE FU*K$

02 . Aug . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

The digital audiences are flooded with short films high on sorrow, depression, alcohol, and even suicides. Despite having all these characteristics, LIFE FU*K$ is a different ball game altogether. This black comedy comes as a breath of fresh air.

Kabir Sadanand plays a drug-addict film-maker Karan, who lives in with girlfriend Kia played by Sandeepa Dhar. Kia frustrated by Karan’s obsession to make his ‘masterpiece’ and constant drug use, moves out of the house. Under drug influence Karan tries to finally make that masterpiece for Kia by filming his own death. What happens next will shock you and also make you smile, if not laugh.

What’s WOW? The treatment of the subject is so awesome. Kabir has done a good job as the writer, director and actor for the short film. Sandeepa, too, shines in her role as the exasperated girlfriend.

What’s Blah: The predictability of the story can be a bit irritating.

Parting Shot: LIFE FU*K$ is almost like an oasis in the ‘me-too’ short film scenario. Watch it if you are capable to find humour in most situations and if you love a good fiction story. Shot entirely in black and white, barring one scene, this short film has hit the bulls eye.

 Cast: Sandeepa Dhar & Kabir Sadanand

 Director: Kabir Sadanand

 Studio: Frogs Lehren

 Duration: 15.36 mins

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