08 . May . 2017
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For almost 3 decades, Indian horror meant witches, devil worshippers, and uncanny college students coming to their areas – only to be killed until one survivor found something holy to surpass evil. All that changed in the nineties with sensibilities of Ram Gopal Varma coming into play. The 2000s saw films with great production values but with weak content, which once again turned off horror fans from Indian content. With the advent of ambitious and talented filmmakers going to the streaming space, great Indian horror content is once again available.  One of them is Bhanu Pratap Singh, a writer who’s come up with an incredibly relevant horror film – LEX TALIONIS

What’s WOW: Everything about Lex Talionis is superb. It is amazing how the writer has taken the ghost trope to take people’s attention to what we face everyday – corruption and the staggering power of people with evil intentions.

Everything about the film is on point. There are pretty good performances, great camera work, a sold script and a super-sharp screenplay that puts the point across with deafening accuracy. The director shows his intelligence by throwing the audience right in between the plot – and that’s possible because it deals with one of the evils of society that we all have read about in the newspapers or even experienced – the rich and the powerful threatening to silence the truth. There’s no backstory needed with a sentence like, ‘We told him to take back his testimony, but he refused.’ Is there?

What’s Blah: Quite frankly, there’s no negative point that any reviewer could possibly come up with fro this short film. It’s the perfect combination of a great, relevant storyline and auteur filmmaking.

Parting Shot: Indian digital-filmmakers need to make more films like this, instead of going the tried and tested way of doing romcoms.

Cast: Akash Dhar, Sahil Vaid, Aditya Tarnach and Anya Singh

Writer and Director: Bhanu Pratap Singh

Duration 7:27


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