Short Film: Komal

14 . Nov . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

Kids are innocent and it is the duty of the adults to help them keep this innocence. But there are also adults who abuse this power and exploit children for their own sexual enjoyment. The short animated film Komal is an endeavor to educate children and better help them understand the wrong touch through a carefully woven story.

What’s WOW? The concept and its execution are to the point. Be it sexual, emotional or even physical, they should be kept away from any kind of abuse. The purity of a child has been portrayed well through Komal, a young girl who is abused by an acquaintance.

What’s Blah? The film is to the point, with no flaws. In truth, you can’t really judge an endeavor which is made for greater good.

Parting Shot: It is so important that we keep children safe. Watch Komal and make sure every kid you know also watches it, so that they can keep themselves safe.

Duration: 10.01 minutes

This short film is an initiative by ChildLine India Foundation – which runs a helpline for children in distress.

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