Short Film: Khoon Aali Chithi

25 . Apr . 2017
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Richa Chadha’s Khoon Aali Chitthi is a hard hitting story that talks about the fake encounters that happened in Punjab in the late 80s.

What’s WOW: The harshest realities of the repercussions of the ‘Operation Blue Star’ in Punjab are lost to the current generation. There are very few feature films like Maachis that spoke about the issue in mainstream cinema. Now, Richa Chadha brings just one of the many untold stories to the streaming screens with Khoon Aali Chitthi.  Yesterday, we shared the trailer and today, we review the film.

The film is shot beautifully and has utilized unknown faces to bring home the point that what unravels in the film can happen to anybody, and maybe happened to the hapless youth in Punjab. The film wraps all of this into a bitter-sweet love story that doesn’t take much of the screen time. All this is possible because of some tight direction and screenplay.

However, Khoon Aali Chithi is not for someone who’s looking for entertainment and is not meant for casual consumption. Watch it only if you want to see a stunning statement on the state of human rights in Punjab in the eighties and nineties.

Parting Shot: ‘Khoon Ali Chithi’ is a must watch, as the concept that the film speaks about is a hidden aspect of Indian history.

Cast: Manpreet Gill, Jaskamal Gill, Anmol Gill, Mandeep Gill, Iqbal Gill, Gurjeet Gill, Guramritpal Singh Dhillon, Jas Grewal, Raghwinder Vicky, Sukhwinder

Director: Rupinder Inderjit

Producer: Richa Chadha, Rupinder Inderjit

Duration: 14.17

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