Short Film: Keeda

14 . Oct . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

Young guys tend to lose their focus in life, and venture into other stuff that gives them money but not a proper occupation. Keeda is a story of four such young boys, who earn a living by helping people do small chores like shifting, washing cars, etc.

The leader of the pack is Mukya (played by Prasad Patkar) who is regularly beaten by his parents for his messed up ways. He is love with his friend’s sister, and always messes his neighbor –Shailesh’s life as his parents consider Shailesh as the benchmark for Mukya.

One of his pranks aimed at Shailesh backfires and Mukya is diagnosed with a life-threatening. How does he cope up?

What’s WOW? The film’s message is extremely relevant in today’s time. Especially, for the youngsters who can be very reckless with their lives.

The real portrayal of the life of teenage guys, who just can’t seem to focus on studies, is depicted as really as possible. The language these youngsters use exactly the people use in the streets of Mumbai.

What’s Blah? Nothing to complain much about, except that the suicides in the film could have been avoided.  That though is a personal opinion. In real life, such drastic steps are taken by youngsters and hence the need to portray their aftermaths.

Parting Shot: Watch Keeda, must watch, for a pertinent lesson and make sure you make young people around you watch it as well.

Director: Sneh Nihalani.

Screened at Jio MAMI 19th Mumbai Film Festival by Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films

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