Short Film: Kairos

24 . Nov . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

Sci-fi and fantasy are yet to make their big entrance in the Indian web series and short films platform. There’s this consensus that one requires a big budget to make something like this, but a young crew has proved them wrong with Kairos

A young student has a dream that is equal parts sci-fi as it is fantasy. The short film is a nod to all those to dream and have ambitions that aren’t quite mainstream.

What’s Wow: The concept is good. The performances are par for the course. It’s refreshing to see a sci-fi short film that’s made on a shoe-string budget.

What’s Blah: The short film is made on a shoe-string budget and it shows, particularly in the sound department. The dubbing is a bit off and the sound syncing isn’t done in the best manner possible.

Parting Shot: Kairos has its moments and might work well as show reel of the cast and crew.

Cast: Sanjana Rai, Shravani Garmella, Sunay Rai, Issac Sunil, Sanjith Raghavan

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