Short Film Kaaley Review: The film retains its rustic feel throughout

26 . Sep . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

The short film is about some stolen money and everyone trying to get their hands on it. The film is based in the time when demonetization was announced in the country. Black money hoarders were running amok to try and save their cash. The film is shot in real locales and that gives the film very rustic look.

The film starts with a police officer asking a criminal he has caught to locate stolen money. It is later revealed that the money belongs to a businessman, who has colluded with the corrupt police officer, offering him some part of the black money.

But the money has changed hands as a farmer finds that bag near his place. As the hunt to reach him starts, the tension increases. Finally, as the farmer is tracked down, a lot of mayhem follows. Eventually, there is a lot of blood lost. The farmer eventually gets to keep the money. The film is a dark comedy of sorts and the end is shocking, yet something that the audiences are hoping for secretly.

What Wow?  The film retains its rustic feel throughout. The performances by the actors are very real and believable. The music of the film also complements the story, as and when required.

What Blah? : There is nothing to complain in the film.

Parting Shot: Kaaley is a good attempt at portraying what might have happened when demonetization was announced. The film will remind of that time when everyone was trying to get their cash out from wherever they had saved it.

Director: Hamza Ali

Watch the Film Below :