Short Film Justaju The Longing Review: Prakash Jha gives an amazing performance.

26 . Nov . 2018
Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • Justaju the longing handles urban loneliness with a deft stroke.
  • Prakash Jha and Sarika star in this short film

There’s a thought that short films aren’t meaningful any longer. That’s mainly because the short, humorous videos have taken front, right and centre stage and become part of pop conversations. AIB tries to change that with its videos, Girliyapa recently did it with the amazing short film Kanika and now come Sarika and Prakash Jha with the short film Justaju, which is basically about a man’s longing.

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Prakash Jha plays Valmiki, a man whose wife has expired fifteen years ago. He just has a doctor as a friend and has a lot of time on his hands. He is deciding how to spend his time, but his doctor friend tells him what every well-meaning friend says, “Get a life.” However, Valmiki comes across some people in the day, and he soon has a different outlook towards life, or whatever is left of it for him.

What’s Wow: Prakash Jha gives an amazing performance and gives a whole new aspect to his role. The aspect of urban loneliness hasn’t been explored much, so this short film is a good beginning. The concept of death, and existentialism is explored too, which makes this a unique short film.

This is an intellectual’s film, and audiences are left asking questions and coming up with answers on their own after watching. And when the audience is left asking questions and discussing, that’s when a film is considered a success.

What’s Blah: The film is intelligent and handles several first world aspects like class disharmony, after-death romances, and existential issues – that might alienate audiences.

Parting Shot: Justaju The Longing handles new world problems like urban loneliness with deft strokes.

Cast and Crew

Cast: Prakash Jha, Sarika, Shishir Sharma, Saharsh Shukla, Onkar Das Manik

Writer and Director: Mudassir Mashalkar

Producer: Nisha Malik