Short Film: Juice

23 . Nov . 2017
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Patriarchy is ingrained in the minds of many Indian men. Treating women as a being of lower intelligence is a norm for many. And despite the increasing discussions on changing how women are treated, there is still a big section of the Indian society which is too rigid to change.

Acclaimed Shefali Shah stars as Manju, as housewife in this short film directed and co-written by Neeraj Ghaywan. The entire short (that’s the new way short films are referred to these days) is based on how Manju reacts to life around her.

Her husband has invited some couples over for a get together. While the males are sitting in the living area, all the wives are in the kitchen taking troubles to feed the entire male gang sitting outside comfortably. While there is an air cooler to make the men chill, the women are sweating and cooking in the kitchen.

Shefali is a dutiful wife who is taking care of the house, making sure the guests in the living area are fed, and the ones in the kitchen are also entertained. In a series of unnerving instances, she is forced to take a step which establishes that women need not be treated in a belittling manner.

What’s WOW? The concept of the show is definitely commendable. Shefali Shah shines as always, it is difficult to notice anyone else when she is onscreen.

What’s Blah? The film Juice tries too hard to be a ‘feminist project’. We don’t deny that such things happen in many parts of the country, but the women equality premise is too much in your face and irritates after a certain point. Despite that the effort deserves praise, but the digital audiences have seen much better work already.

Parting Shot: Watch the short film Juice with a pinch of salt; it is more like a reality check of how women are treated in most parts of the country and the globe.

Director: Neeraj Ghaywan

Writer: Neeraj Ghaywan and Ranjan Chandel

Cast:  Shefali Shah, Manish Chaudhari

Duration: 14 minutes

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