Short Films go big with LSF’s launch of Jackie Shroff’s ‘Shunyata’

05 . Aug . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

Jackie Shroff is not just a film industry veteran but also a short film veteran now. At the launch of his fifth short film, Chintan Sarda’s ‘Shunyata’, Jackie was in his element and regaled the audience with a charm that’s as old school as it’s genuine.

The event was a special screening of Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Film’s ‘Shunyata’, a short film by Chintan Sarda that stars Jackie Shroff, Lekh Tandon and National Award winner Machindra Gadkar.  This could be the biggest event for a short film in recent times.

It took place at St. Regis in what’s called the well-heeled area of Mumbai. It had a legit Bollywood A lister in attendance. The small crowd proved that the producers wanted to move away from the clutter that’s Bollywood film screenings.

Jackie Shroff was in his element though and once again proved that he is someone who looks at films with a vision that few others can. He stressed that short films were the next big medium. He also said that more and more producers should look at nurturing this new platform. This was, once again, an event that didn’t feel like it was a film screening. It felt like a gathering of likeminded people who have had too much of the ‘bigness’ that Bollywood has become.

Old timers would have definitely liked the venue. LSF is finally dragging short films and their screenings out of the 20 seaters set somewhere in the boondocks in Mumbai and bringing it out right and center. Also unseen was the typical ‘samosa and wafers’ kind of eating fare.