Short Film: Ima

12 . Jun . 2017
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Differently abled people are a vision to behold and an inspiration for everyone who interacts with them.  As an extension, stories about them have a potential to entertain and engage. Ima is one such short film that’s in the shot in Malayalam language.

The film tells the story of a middle-aged couple. The husband is requires glasses to see and is quite helpless without it. The wife is visually impaired. Together, they live their life, which takes a drastic turn when the husband’s glasses break early in the morning.

Whats Wow: The film boasts of one of the best production values we have seen in recent times. The story is set in a rustic, leafy village, and it makes for great visuals.  The visuals are striking and so is the story. We also quite liked the kind of macro-story telling that the film depicts. This is a story that tells about an every day occurrence, but something that could cause drastic issues for people.

The beauty of the film lies in the simple activities that show how complicated  aspects like how the have-nots have compromised, while the ones who are partially enabled are completely helpless when they lose that one sliver of skill that they have – and revere. The performances are way better than any that we have seen in recent times. This is a film that remains with the audience long after the end credits have scrolled up.

What’s Blah: Ima is a beautifully made film with an incredible story and that is it’s falling. The intimate, heartwarming story connects with the audience instantly. Just when the audience warms up to the story and the characters, the film ends. It almost seems an abrupt ending, and may leave the audience rooting for more.

Directed by: Liju Krishna

Cast : Pratap Pothen & Menaka Suresh

Produced by: TVC Factory in Association with Saga

Duration: 11 minutes

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