Short Film : Iktarfa Directed by Euphoria Singer Palash Sen | Review

31 . Aug . 2018
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Barrel Select Large Short Films has released a new short film Iktarfa, one-sided love affair. The story is set in Allahabad. The protagonist Hari Mohan is also the narrator for this short film. He is currently dressed as a groom and riding a scooter, and giving him company is Sam, dressed as a bride. While the two are dressed as an-about-to-be-wed couple, there is a twist in the story. From here on, the story runs in flashback.

Hari Mohan sees Sam for the very first time in a Ram Leela where she is playing Seeta. It is love at first sight for Hari and he tells his mother he wants to marry her. A meeting is fixed and Hari gets the first opportunity to meet Sam.

It is here that she reveals that she loves someone else and her boyfriend wants some time to come and meet her parents. Whilst that happens, the two decide that they will have to continue this alliance, so that she can continue meeting her boyfriend Maddy aka MSD the younger son of the local MLA.

Since Sam’s father is under the fear of going bankrupt, he prepones the wedding date. This leaves Sam and Hari with no option. The two decide to run off from their marriage. Now the story comes to the present, as Hari drops Sam to Maddy’s house; she is having second thoughts about marrying Maddy instead of Hari who loves her so much.

As the audience’s attention reaches its peak, a ‘to be continued’ artwork comes on the screen.

What Wow? Given its feel good vibe, Iktarfa makes for a good watch. The background score and one song that features in the short, add value to the emotions of the film. The entire film has a humorous tinge to it which is way different from the artistic films that come online these days.

What’s Blah? That the film didn’t meet its end is truly blah. It gives the web series feel and no one wants that in a short film.

Parting Shot: Iktarfa manages to keep you excited until the end with its sweet love story. The actors have played their part well and the music in the short is entertaining.

Director and Screenplay: Palash Sen

Cast: Kinshuk Sen, Pavitra Mattoo, Snayhil Aneja