Short Film: Half Ticket 2

22 . Jan . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

The sequel to Half Ticket is finally out. The love story between Ayaan and Rhea that started as a blind date at the Derby completes its first year. Ayaan decides to revisit the Derby, even though Rhea has shifted to USA for professional reasons.

Ayaan gets two couple passes for his single friend Pranav, who promises to get two of his colleagues as dates for them. The next morning, Ayaan gets a surprise visitor – Rhea; who decides to surprise him on their first anniversary.

As the two are gearing up to spend their anniversary at the Derby, all hell breaks loose as Ayaan gets another surprise visitor – his dad.  Ayaan doesn’t want his dad to see Rhea at his place. What follows is a bitter sweet extension to their love story, which does take a beautiful turn at the Derby.

What’s WOW? The story is very simple, much like its predecessor. The love story between Rhea and Ayaan is so sweet.

What’s Blah? The short film seems long at 35 minutes. The duration could have definitely been reduced to 15-20 minutes.

Parting Shot: Half Ticket 2 is a sweet romantic story, which will appeal to lovers of romantic stories.


Naveen Kasturia as Ayaan

Gunjan Malhotra as Rhea Kumar

Varun as Pranav

Darshan Jariwala as Dad

Kritika Sharma as Poushali

Writer: Sandeep Balan

Director: Prathamesh Patil

Producer: Twilight Entertainment Pvt Ltd

Duration: 35 mins

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