Short Film: The Guide

11 . Nov . 2017
Reading Time: 2 minutes

People living in the Indian cities may talk that gender discrimination is a thing of the past, but it is still rampant and a short film has depicted that quite brilliantly. The Guide is the story of a village midwife who is travelling to a far-off village to deliver a baby. She misses her bus and has to instead make the journey in a goods truck, along with other passengers –a man and his young niece.

Mid-way in the journey the truck drivers start sexually harassing the young girl and also try to rape the mid-wife. But the woman saves scares them away with the help of a razor blade she perpetually carries. But she is unable to save the young girl.

She reaches her destination after much effort, and is tempted to kill the baby boy she has just delivered. She thinks that men will continue to harass women, and she can do her bit by killing a male boy, who will surely turn an abuser. Does she kill the baby or does better sense prevail?

What’s WOW? Sanghmitra Hitaishi as the midwife is the most apt actor. For a woman in her 20s to play a 40 year old with this impeccability, she deserves applause (even a standing ovation is no exaggeration).

The young boy Ayush Pathak has done a fab job. In the second half, the short film rides completely on his young shoulders, and he has no qualms in being the lead actor for that duration.

What’s Blah? The film could have stayed for more time at the editing table. At almost 25 minutes, the film has the capability to lose the audiences’ attention. Thankfully, the film’s subject and its treatment is proficient enough.

Parting Shot: The Guide will surely guide you on how the gender discrimination can be altered for good. Every person has the competence to make sure that women are treated with respect and not as an object for sexual pleasure and definitely not as baby making machines.

Director: Pankaja Thakur

Cast:  Sanghmitra Hitaishi, Ayush Pathak

Duration: 24.57 mins

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