Short Film: The Good Girl

24 . Nov . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

Concepts like unwanted pregnancies have been part of films and series since the very beginning. Of course, the impact of this story arc has been different since the past few decades.  Surprisingly, it took this long for ‘out-of-wed-lock’ trope to come to streaming screens, but Culture Machine has finally brought it to the fore with this short film The Good Girl.

The Good Girl begins with a young woman finding out that she is pregnant, all in the cacophony created because she has decided to start her professional life by interning in a place that her dad likes. Her mom finds out her daughter is pregnant and her reaction is what forms the rest of the short film.

What’s Wow: Performances are good and so is the concept. The script is at par with the other well made short films. The dialogues are hard hitting and realistic. The short film succeeds in telling the audience what exactly happens when a parent finds out that their daughter has messed up.

What’s Blah: We wonder whether this public service message is on the correct platform. Traditionally, short films are consumed by a younger crowd, none of whom will have a 21-year-old daughter – impregnated or not. So, it leaves us wondering who the target market.

Parting Shot: A well made short film.

Cast: Gurdeep Kohli, Plabita Borthakur

Producer: Culture Machine Media Pvt. Ltd, Chhoti Production Company Pvt. Ltd.

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