Short Film: Girl on Heels

14 . Aug . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

Short film-makers making caused based films have faced flak earlier. Some accuse them of trivialising the cause itself. Others say that short film-makers use cause based films because there’s always a market for them. In fact, there are so many caused based films releasing that people rarely bat an eyelid when another releases. But then there are films like Girl on Heels that  make us stand up and take notice.

Girl on Heels handles a concept that is alleged to exist since a long time now – casting couch. Almost every feature film that’s based on Bollywood talks about it, but the way the film has handled the subject is quite impressive.

Girl on Heels has a good cast too. The protagonist and the antagonists are talented and do justice to their roles, even if they slip into the ham zone for a bit.

What’s WOW: We liked how the film started out as a cliched cause film but went into psychological thriller mode in a smooth as butter manner.  The climactic scene is a nice touch too – making the audience wonder whether this is the end of the story or just the beginning of a new one.

What’s Blah:  We couldn’t find anything wrong with this film.

Cast: Luviena, Oksana Rasulova, Pulketh Javahar

Director: Nikhil Lodh

Duration: 11:36

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