Short Film: Ghumakkad

10 . Aug . 2018
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Humara Movie has released another film on their YouTube Channel. The film revolves around a young school going boy, residing in a village who has been nicknamed Ghumakkad since he keeps roaming around the village after school hours. At his home, his farmer father is not much involved with him apart from some interaction in the evening.

His mother on the other hand is very irritated with his habit of reaching home late after school and just wasting his time. While she keeps nagging about the same, she doesn’t do much about it. One day he overhears his parents speaking about not having enough money to pay for their son’s education. He is devastated when the next day; this principal tells him the same thing. Things go a little serious when the water pump at his father’s farm fails. This reveals the better of the young kid.

What’s WOW? The film carefully portrays the small village feel. The language spoken in the film is also very authentic and that is something that will appeal to you. The story of the film is also well thought about. Young minds are impressionable and that is what the film manages to put out there. There are some interesting moments in the film which are very authentic like the cultural dance that comes out in the middle of the film.

What’s Blah? There is nothing that let us down in the film.

Parting Shot: Ghumakkad is an interesting film made on a relatable concept. The performances in the film are also very good.

Cast and Crew

Director: Shahnshah Gupta

Cast: Anmol Gupta, Akash Tiwari, Sakshi Saxena, Nitin Gupta

You can watch the Short Film Ghumakkad below 

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