Short Film: First Period

29 . May . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

Periods or menstruation is one of the most taboo-ed words, despite all the education and awareness various entities have indulged in. Trying to tackle the unease associated with Periods is the short film First Period. This film makes the term period gender neutral. It starts with a young boy Ayush, who discovers that he has started bleeding (has got his first period). His entire family – full of men – is elated that this event has finally occurred. They all reminisce of their own first day, and make sure Ayush’s is as comfortable as possible.

Ditto for his school teacher, he tries to ease Ayush’s distress by making him more aware about menstruation. Everything is hunky, dory for Ayush. In the end, we are back to the stark reality where a young girl gets her first menses. Will life be any different for her than it was for Ayush?

What’s WOW? The mere thought of men having periods is engaging. You want to watch the film to know how this idea is executed.

What’s Blah? Nothing that made us frown.
Parting Shot: Watch this film to have a different perspective on ‘menstruation and the unease related to it’. It is a natural phenomenon and should be dealt with sans any prejudice.

Cast & Crew
Director: Mozez Singh.
The film is a Dasra & MH Alliance initiative.

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