Short Film: Dual Discrepancy

24 . Jul . 2017
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DD: Dual Discrepancy starts off with a simple note. A boy, Theo, who is obsessed with drugs tries to find love online and goes on a blind date. He likes the girl, Tina, and she likes him too. It’s here the roller coaster starts. Theo is followed by a man and later abducted by him. What follows is a series of mishaps, which lead to startling revelations

What’s WOW? For a psychological thriller, DD gets all the points. The script is bang on. You actually believe what the protagonist is going through is the reality, and not something happening in his head. All three actors have done justice to their characters. Actor Neelesh Bhogale who plays the inspector has done a brilliant job as ‘the vasooli guy’ inside Theo’s head; you feel the chill when he starts scaring.

What’s Blah: The film quality could have been better; it almost takes away from the brilliant story. So much that you might click away to some story while the low graphics of the film bore you.

Parting Shot: A must watch for anyone who loves a good psychological thriller and may not get affected by its not-so-good execution.

Cast: Denston Lewis, Tejashwini Tomaar, Neelesh Bhogale
Director: Jagdish Mishra

Studio: Cutting Coffee Films

Duration: 11.38 mins


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