Short Film: Dilli Vala Dost

31 . May . 2017
Reading Time: 2 minutes

There’s a saying that if you remain someone’s friend for seven years – you will be able to retain their friendship for a lifetime. While that might be true, its also true that human beings evolve and change their mindsets as they pass through life. And in such situation, relationships get strained – even childhood friendships. Dilli Vala Dost is a film that deals with exactly this concept.

A man is ecstatic when he hears that his friend from Delhi has come to Mumbai. He invites him over for dinner and drinks. As the conversation unravels, the man’s wife gets a bit uncomfortable hearing about the sexual conquests of the man. Things become more awkward between the three when the seemingly gullible husband makes a plan to leave his wife and his friend alone in the house for a few hours.

What’s WOW: Dilli Vala Dost is a pleasant surprise. The characterization and the story line has the right flavor to keep the audience interested and entertained. What we liked most is the realistic portrayal of how humans handle their old relationships – not just friendships.

It shows a third person view of how such incidents seem totally weird. While the husband is naive enough, or trusts his friend enough to leave him with his wife alone, he does accept that he was a sleazeball in college.

What’s Blah: The film has a good concept but suffers from some technical flaws specially the sound.The dubbing seems a bit off, which takes away from the viewing experience. The concept’s good, but the entire dialogue between the friend and the couple comes across as a cliché.

Parting Shot:  Dilli Vala Dost is a good endeavor to portray the underrated and ignored relationships like friendships. It shines through, even thought it has its flaws.

Cast: Kanwal Preet, Karan Battan, Dristhii Grewal

Director: Rakesh Mehta

Duration: 13:50

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