Short Film Dhund Review: A good story set during the Partition time

29 . Nov . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

The partition of India has several stories that are unsaid and undiscussed. New content creators are now looking at that timespan to come up with interesting stories that are bound to make people think, as well as talk about an era gone by.

Short film Dhund is based during the partition and tells the story of a Punjabi family that tried to save a Muslim family during the partition – of course, that changes the lives of the Punjabi family.

What’s Wow: The short film tells a lot about the problems that Punjab and the families of Punjab face even now in a small timeline that’s a short film. The open-ended climax sets the story at an interesting end with a screenplay that’s at a frenzied pace. The performances are at part with the kind of performances we see in short films. All in all, this is a good viewing experience.

What’s Blah: Nothing.

Parting Shot: Short Film Dhund  is a great story set in the times of Partition, one of the most violent times in the history of India and the world.

Cast and Crew

Cast : Vipin Sharma, Sharib Hashmi,

Writer and Director: Sudeep Kanwal

Produced by: Shlok Sharma, Navin Shetty