Short Film: Detour

30 . Jun . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

Let’s face it, foreign makers are ruling with their short films. The platform allows them to experiment with their pet projects and show them to an audience.  Indian short film-makers regularly bring ‘cause based’ films and the American short film-makers bring mainstream to the streaming scene. Foreign film-makers bring their passion to the screen. This translates sometimes into lighthearted, fun films that are entertaining too.

Detour is one such film. It begins with a family, comprising of the husband, wife and their daughters going on a small vacation in a family car. Unfortunately, the tricycle of one of the daughters goes missing. While the family gives up on the tricycle – the father even buys her a new one – providence has something else in store for them.

What’s WOW: Once again, the concept of this short film wins us over. The film is a load of cuteness and ‘aaw’. We liked that the story wasn’t a heavy duty one. The direction and the screenplay succeed in bringing out the warmth and love of a family’s interaction. This French film also succeeds in showing us the lush greenery that exists in the country, along with the scenic beauty that will give you immediately tourism goals.

What’s Blah: Nothing.

Parting Shot: Detour is a good watch, something different from the heavy duty fare that’s routinely available in the short film genre.

Cast:  Jeanne Marechal, Benjamin Bourgois, Alain Azerot, Victoria Notte, Elphine Depardieu, Ethan Poaty, David Llari, Marius Goillart, Eldine Attoumani Chahidi, Guilame  Bouchede

Director: Michael Gondry

Duration: 11 min

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