Short Film: Darzi ki Marzi

22 . Jul . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

We all have experienced it – that time when we have an important ceremony to attend and nothing else but bespoke will do. Well, even if we haven’t, we know someone who has. The scenario may have changed in the metros, but somewhere, someone, is still waiting for a tailor to stitch their dress or attire in the right way. So, it’s interesting that someone went ahead and made a film about this quirky, fun relationship that people have with the tailors.

What’s WOW: The quirky, fun take on the day to day life of a tailor is quite refreshing. It is evident that creative minds have gone into bringing this short film to life. The actors who play the characters are quite talented too – and add their own brand of drama and humor. We also loved the context and the concept. It’s rare that such a simple story is told with such creativity.

What’s Blah:  We couldn’t find anything wrong with this film.

Directors: Faheem Azam & Arbab Hussain


Cast: Nazar Ul Hasan, Ahmed Mujtaba Official, Mujtaba Rizvi, Tehmasip Rahil, Faheem Azam, Sana Khan Niazi

Duration: 4:14


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