Short Film: The Complaint

22 . Sep . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

In a world full of pain and loss, there’s always a glimmer of humanity that makes us look forward to another day. That glimmer of hope comes from letting go and having a positive approach to the future. This is the idea propagated by The Complaint, a short film that weaves a story around something that happens with us at least once in a lifetime – an unknown repairman coming home to get things done.

The short film depicts the father of an army may who feels uncomfortable when a Muslim repairman enters his house to repair his laptop – something that he needs desperately because he needs to see his grandson’s naming ceremony that’s being held out of the country. The man’s prejudices get the better of him and he behaves rudely with the repairman, but there’s a reason behind why a kindly mind would do this.

What’s Wow: We liked how the script and the context of the short film is understated. The cast is well known by now.  Avijit Dutt as Harish Singh and Rahul Subramaniam as Imtiaz Khan know the burden of the message they are caring and therefore come up with fine performances that are as heartwarming as they are a message.

Even in its short duration, The Complaint succeeds in bringing forth the humaneness and a warm emotion that’s part and parcel of small town India.

What’s Blah: We didn’t find anything blah about this short film.

Parting Shot:  The Complaint sends a heartwarming message about tolerance. The Complaint is a must-watch

Cast: Avijit Dutt, Rahul Subramanium


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