Short Film: Chumbak

10 . Jul . 2017
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The streaming scene needs a varied range of genres. There’s romance, there’s drama, there’s horror and suspense. What we don’t have much is noir and films with twists that knock your socks off. Chumbak tries to weave a very different story that isn’t just aimed to shock but also raise some serious questions about the set ideas of morality, guilt and sexual  behavior.

Chumbak with a woman, apparently the wife, stabbing her husband to death. The reason for that is then unveiled in a monologue. That shocking reason is what forms  the crux of the film.

What’s Wow: Chumbak is a well made film. The tight screenplay and script could have been confusing. But full marks to the director for bringing the film to the screen in a non confusing manner.  More film-makers are using actors who aren’t that well known for their bold, controversial content and that’s actually working for them. The unknown faces bringing to screen such raw stories make them all the more real and intimate. The performances are cutting edge, exactly what’s needed in a film that flirts with noir and mystery.

What’s Blah: Chumbak’s flaw, if the only one, is the rushed monologue which tells you everything about the film. The quickfire monologue hints at a director running out of ideas and using the simplest way possible to tell the story to the audience.

Parting Shot: Chumbak is a good film, even if it is a bit too ambitious.

Cast: Suruchi Aulakh, Pushkar Shrotri, Deepanshu Dhyani

Director: Prabhakar Pant

Duration: 10 mins


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