Short film on child abuse opts for crowdfunding

17 . Oct . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

A new short film based on the profound subject of child abuse and dealing with it is on a bid to accumulate funds. Maun, which is written-produced-directed by Priyanka Singh, is now stuck on the editing table and hence the need to crowdfund.

Maun is the story of a happy family of three – Mohan, Meera and their 10 year old daughter Shreya. Their perfect life bursts when on a festive day they find out that their daughter has been molested by their neighbor’s son. How they deal with the situation is what will define the rest of their lives.

In India, the evil of child sexual abuse is rampant and yet rarely reported. As per the Maun team, the main reason why the magnitude of sexual violence against children is unknown in India is because it is such a taboo to even speak of such issues in our country that it is always hushed up due to the fear of being ostracized from the society.

You can donate to the editing of Maun through this link:

You can watch rushes of Maun here: