Short Film: Born Free

26 . May . 2017
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‘Coming of age’ is a concept that’s yet to make its big mark in the streaming market. ‘Born Free’, a film that stars Sumeet Vyas, Mukti Mohan, Kareem Hajeem and Atul Shrivastava is one of these.

The short film tells the story of a seemingly successful professional who’s travelling to that mecca of chilling in India – Goa. But this guy isn’t going to chill – he’s going there for business. He meets some of the staple characters one meets on a typical trip to Goa.

While he warms up to them as the journey ends, he has a more difficult time in Goa itself, where he’s torn between a new friendship and a boss who doesn’t have time for cultural niceties like allowing his employee to soak in the magic that’s Goa – fun, friendship and frolic.

The story could be too sweet for the audience but it is also an inspiring tale for people who consider themselves stuck in the world of corporate and professionals.

What’s Wow: Born Free is a well made film. The script is frothy enough to keep the audience engaged and has enough brevity for the audience to have some thought provoking questions themselves.

All the performances in the web film are quite good. Sumeet Vyas is nice as Sumeet, the successful man who’s confused about what he wants from life. Mukti Mohan as Vanya,  the chirpy, travel blogger who convinces Sumeet to follow his dream, fits her role.

Kareem Hajeem once again brings in the sophistication that’s required for the character that he’s playing. Atul Shrivastav has been having a gala time in the digital domain and this is a continuation of his good times rolling.  He was earlier part of the highly entertaining ‘Fathers’ on TVF.

What’s Blah: The short is good, but the screenplay seems a bit slanted. The first half has Atul Shrivastav grab most of the screen time, and he disappears in the second half. From a scriptwriter’s point of view, we agree that Atul’s character adds a uniqueness to the film –  because of him it’s not just a cute guy meets a cute girl. But the audience had warmed up to the character and then he’s nowhere to be seen. That’s a weird feeling.

Parting Shot: This is a good watch, just don’t expect some life changing answers from it.

Cast: Sumeet Vyas, Mukti Mohan, Kareem Hajeem, Atul Srivastava

Duration: 39:59

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