Short Film: Blues

07 . Mar . 2018
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Putting across a heavy idea through a short film can be a tough task, and most short films readily take up the challenge with ease.

Blues tells the story of Ritu, a young woman. The short starts with her dual-chrome dream, where she is roaming in a deserted building. She is woken by her friends Vibhu and Shikha, who were concerned why she has not been picking up their calls.

Ritu tells them that her boyfriend might be upset with her and that’s why is not picking up her call. Both her friends are confused about this new guy in Ritu’s life. It is then you realise that there is something not right about Ritu as a character – that she has some mental illness.

As the short moves forward, it its revealed that Ritu had a mental breakdown after a breakup and has had a relapse many times. She has been having hallucinations since. And she has been imagining that she has had a few breakups and Arjun is her latest boyfriend.

She shows many proofs to her friend Vibhu to prove that Arjun is real, but he manages to prove her that nothing of it is real. Vibhu leaves Ritu with all these proofs, while Ritu is contemplating whether all of it is indeed a fraction of her imagination.

What’s WOW? The film reveals just the right amount of information whenever required. There’s not a moment where you have a doubt as to where the narration is heading.

What’s Blah? There’s nothing one can pin-point as ‘blah’ in the short.

Parting Shot: If you like a short film with a good and engaging story, Blues is a must-watch for you. Manassvi, who is donning many hats in the short, is a talent you should look out for.

Writer and Director: Manassvi Nirupma

Cast: Manassvi Nirupma, Raghav, Sanjay, Garima Yajnik


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