Short Film: Blindspot

28 . Sep . 2017
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When short films first became big, people loved them because the content was edgy, new and a whole new flavour. Over a few months, big names with big money came into the picture. Now, when big money comes into the picture, things change.

Concepts become tamer, edgier ideas get cut down to commercial size and content becomes as dull, drab and uneventful as an audience has seen since decades. Blindspot is a short film that showcases every one of these and we wonder if this is the future of short films.

The film tells the story of a young, urban couple that’s newly married. The wife doubts that her husband has an affair and takes some steps that only complicate the matters.

What’s Wow: We didn’t find anything that really worked for us.

What’s Blah: It is also questionable why they went ahead and made a video with such a cliché concept. The thing that strikes us the most is that there’s zero novelty in the script.

Another let down is the direction. It’s a wonder that a production company decided to go the plain vanilla story with zero twists and turns.

Parting Shot: Blindspot is a kind of a film that’s better settled for TV.

Cast: Diganta Hazarika, Anupriya Goenka

Producer: Karan Kadam

Watch the film here:


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