Short Film: Black Briefcase

20 . Aug . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

Black Briefcase is a film that talks about how a man is fighting against himself to not implant a black briefcase that has a bomb.

The film starts with Maniesh Paul thinking about what his mother taught him as a child. She says that there are two kinds of people – good and bad, it is up to us to decide what we want to be. He leaves his home with a black briefcase. As the film moves forward it is revealed that the briefcase contains a bomb, which is meant to create mayhem in Delhi. While travelling with the briefcase, Maniesh is still deciding whether he wants to do this or not.

But finally he decides to go ahead with the plan and when the bomb explodes, he regrets doing it. A sudden jerk in the bus reveals that Maniesh was dreaming about planting the bomb, and the briefcase is still with him.

He decides he wants to be a good person and reaches a deserted area to plant the bomb. As the time bomb is ticking, he attempts to stop it. And after a lot of efforts, it finally stops and the film ends.

What Wow? The film carefully establishes how Maniesh’s character is in two minds. Maniesh has himself acted the part well and does a good job in playing a confused man.

What’s Blah? There’s nothing to complain about in the film.

Parting Shot: Black Briefcase manages to engage the audiences through its good storyline and script. For anyone who likes to watch something interesting and engaging at the same time, this is a good film.

Cast and Crew

Cast: Maniesh Paul

Director: Kartik Singh