Short Film: BATTERY

16 . May . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

Mother’s Day gave us a number of short films from all perspectives. The creativity has surprised us. Some filmmakers have genuinely come up with some great ideas, and ‘Battery’ is one of them. The short film captures a specific concept from the life of every boy and his mother – every mother and their child.

What’s WOW: The film’s message is concise and clear. It works well because it has faces that the audience has rarely – if ever – seen on the streaming scene. The production values are good and the filmmakers have gone out of their way to create a quaint atmosphere about it all. Deepshika Deshmukh produces this film, who earlier gave us projects like Sarabjit, Madaari and Sarvann.

What’s Blah: There’s no negative point to mark out in this short film. At a run time of just over 2 minutes, it says a heartwarming story in just the way it is supposed to.

Parting Shot: This is a creative yet emotional way of marking Mother’s Day.

Cast: Vibhav, Pooja Rajadhyaksha, Mrunal, Shalini Chemburkar

Presented by: Jackky Bhagnani

Duration: 2:17


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