Short Film: Azaad

06 . Oct . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

The Indian freedom struggle is one of the most well-known freedom fights in the world. However, like everything else in life, a lot of stories are lost in time. Thankfully, new film makers now have a great platform in web series and short films to bring these stories to the fore. Azaad, a SonyLIV short film is one of them.

The short film begins with a young couple making their way to their village. As the film progresses, we find out that the young man comes from a family of freedom fighters.

What’s Wow: Performances are good, Chandan Roy Sanyal does justice to his character and brings out the nuances of his character well.  The screenplay impresses. We liked how the director introduced the concept of the grandson finding out the story of his grandfather. The background score is quite good too, with the lyrics putting the point across in a beautiful manner.

What’s Blah: We didn’t find anything wrong with this short film.

Parting Shot: Azaad is a good film that shows us just one of the unknown stories of freedom.

Cast: Chandan Roy Sanyal


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