Short Film Autumn Leaf Review: Prakash Belawade shines in this political charged film

21 . Dec . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute
  • Prakash Belawade shines in this political charged film.

Politically charged films seemed to be a necessity just a few months. Even today, while they tell a poignant tale, the chilling truth factor doesn’t exactly ring true because the country is poised to see the better picture.

Autumn Leaf, therefore, is a well made but slightly mistimed film. It talks about an anonymous revolutionary poet who disappeared after getting death threats. A young man decides to write his dissertation on him, and that gets him into contact with an old man who runs a library.

What’s Wow: Autumn Leaf is a well-made film and stars Prakash Belawade, which is always a good thing. The short film also creates a good screenplay, that tells about the atrocities that the country and people have faced, not just today but since decades. The ending is, of course, a brutal rendition of what’s happened to so many intellectuals and people who have spoken against the system in a peaceful manner.

What’s Blah: While Prakash Belawade is the starring point here, the rest of the performances are subpar. Also, the short film doesn’t really want to tell you the how of it, and shows the what, ending it brutally.

Parting Shot: Autumn Leaf seems too much in the current political and social scenario.

Cast and Crew

Cast: Prakash Belawadi, Bappadittya Sarkar, Isha Mandloi

Writer and Director: Kshitij Kumar Pandey,

Co-Producer: Arpan Sarkar, Keshwar Rao, Aruanva Dutta