Short Film: Apocalypse Now Now

05 . Sep . 2017
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With short films going big, another genre is making inroads onto our streaming services – sci-fi. Short film-makers used to shy away from sci-fi citing budget constraints. But now with more and more big names coming into the fray, sci-fi is getting an exciting home on the streaming platforms.  This brings us to Apocalypse Now Now. The film is based on a urban sci-fi novel written by Charlie Human.  Directed by Michael Matthews, the film boasts of excellent CGI and good production values.

Apocalypse Now Now introduces a main character, Baxter Zevcenko – quite a different character than all the others that we have seen in a while. This is a guy who’s basically a bait for big monster – who’s killed by a menacing looking mercernary using electricity, Dr. Ronin.

What’s Wow: Apocalypse Now Now has everything that makes a good sci-fi film. An interesting, unique main character, an intriguing second lead and of course – a storyline and screenplay that’s more mysterious than explanatory.

The performances are good and the crisp screenplay keeps the audiences interested and wanting for more. This is a short film that will definitely stay with the audiences long after the credits roll.

What’s Blah: We didn’t find anything wrong with this sci-fi film.

Parting Shot: A great addition to the list of sci-fi films.

Cast: Garion Dowds, Louw Venter, Faniswa Yisa



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