Short Film: Amma Meri

21 . Aug . 2017
Reading Time: 2 minutes

The short film scenario is just so obsessed with the urban tales. So when a short film explores the life of a village man, it comes as a whiff of fresh air. Amma Meri revolves around Balram, a villager in Haryana who has recently lost his father. He is now the sole bread winner of his family of four – which includes his fragile mother, wife and a daughter.

His biggest responsibility is marrying off his daughter, who is 25 years old – which by the village standard is not-an-acceptable-age to marry off one’s daughter. He has high hopes for her marriage, though he is also sure that she is having an affair. But marriages are an expensive affair in villages.

Balram’s only saving grace is his mother’s fixed deposit, which can earn him enough money for a decent marriage ceremony. As Balram finally takes his mother to put his name as the nominee for the deposit, life takes a drastic turn for him.

What’s WOW? Director Tarun Jain, who has also done the screenplay and story, deserves applause for transporting the viewers to a North Indian village. The nuances of a village life are brilliantly captured. That there is no background sound in the film also deserves mention as it doesn’t hamper the film in any way. Anurag Arora who plays Balram deserves a mention, for carrying the film on his shoulders and doing that job pretty well.

What’s Blah? The film is true to its genre of a short film – it is extremely raw. Many general village scenes could have been avoided, to make the film crisper. Also, the track of Balram’s daughter Rashmi doesn’t shock us enough, which doesn’t work well for the short film’s climax.

Parting Shot: The film is a good attempt for a short film, but it could have been better.

Cast: Anurag Arora, Shivam Pradhan, Raghubir Mann, Diksha Lamba, Naresh Kaushik, Shakeel Qureshi, Devki

Director: Tarun Jain

Duration: 30 mins

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