Short Film: Abhisarika, A Call Girl

09 . Jun . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

We live in an interesting world, surrounded by situations that amuse people from all walks of life. And when a film-maker decides to get this amusement on screen, that’s when magic happens. Abhisarika is one such film.

The film begins as a simple, run-of-the-mill film about a young film-maker wanting to interview a prostitute.  While this is run-of-the-mill, what happens next isn’t.  The film stuns everyone with the interviewee turning into the interviewer and asking some pertinent questions. These questions aren’t just questions, they strip society of the hypocrisy that exists and thrives rampantly.

And what happens in the film is not too far away from reality. Prostitution is illegal in the country. Yet, the Government has time and again awarded films that tell the story of prostitutes, like Chandni Bar, Chameli, etc. Homosexuality is a criminal act in India.

The Government has earlier reacted badly to films that portrayed homosexuality, but today there are film festivals that celebrate the LGBTQ lifestyle. Surely, there can’t be a LGBTQ film festival without the Government accepting the fact that homosexuals and lesbians exist in this country?

What’s Wow: We liked the concept and the message that the film wants to give across. We liked the way the whole film was treated – even though it talks down to the audience, it doesn’t seem preachy.

What’s Blah: The performances of both the actors leave a lot to the desired. The woman who plays the street woman is surely not at home playing this brash, aggressive woman. The man gives a better, more believable performance.

Duration: 23 minutes


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