Short Film: Aamad

20 . Jun . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

The bond between fathers and sons have rarely been spoken about. On Fathers’ Day, a film starring Saqeeb Saalim doing that released. The film also stars Arif Zakaria, Charu Rohatgi and Abeer Pandit.

A young man comes home to an ailing father who is on his deathbed. Through a conversation with his mother, we are introduced to an issue that haunts him even after he has grown up, the day when he insulted his father, a kathak dancer, by fusing his performance with rap and pop music. Now, as his father lies on his deathbed, the man remembers this insult and decides to make amends.

What’s WOW? Aamad is a well-made film that paints a poignant story in an emotional colour. The film succeeds in creating a conversation about the ambitions and men as parents and whether children think twice about not meeting them.

Performances are pretty good and perfect for the kind of story that the filmmaker wanted to show on screen. Saaqib Saleem is quite a talent and we are waiting to see him in another great performance.

What’s Blah: We couldn’t find anything wrong with this short film.

Parting Shot: Indian filmmakers need to explore more of these stories that have been thought to be unsalable as feature films and bring them on the screen.

Cast: Saqib Saleem, Arif Zakaria, Charu Rohatgi, Abeer Pandit

Duration 12:17

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