Short Film : 5 Meetings

02 . Apr . 2018
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It is often the first frame of a cinematic venture that sets the tone for the entire endeavor. That is exactly what happens with the short film titled 5 Meetings.

The short film starts with a slo-mo chat between a husband and wife duo, the two are ending their marriage after the husband fails to keep his promises. But to give one last chance, he asks his wife to meet him five times. From there comes the title of short-5 meetings.

Each of the five meetings is conducted at a place of significance. And in each consecutive meeting, the wife feels drawn towards her husband, as he continues to keep his promises. She falls for him again, as the fifth meeting is about to happen. As the husband comes to her, there’s an interesting climax awaiting the audiences.

What’s WOW? The execution of the short film deserves applause. The black and white theme adds to the romance in the film and so does the voiceover. At roughly seven and a half minutes, the film is such a delight.

What’s Blah? Nothing to crib about in this short.

Parting Shot: If you are a sucker for good scripts and an exceptional story, then 5meetings is an impressive work for you.

Writer and Director: Amit Khanna

Cast: Qutee Nagpal, Ankit Bhatia

Producers: Philum Makers- Shyam Patel and Amit Khanna

Voice Over: Priti Zaveri

5meetings- Short Film Directed by- Amit Khanna

5 meetings – Short Film Directed by- Amit Khanna Produced by- Philum Makers- Shyam Patel and Amit KhannaStarring- Qutee Nagpal and Ankit Bhatia Voice Over- Priti Zaveri. Edited by- Sushil A GothankarMusic by- Jordan Veigas and Jason D'souzaCasting by- Dekshaa Kapoor. Chief Asst. Director- Samrat NagpalThank you- Tanya Pathak, Sagar Deshpande and Surabhi Raut Love-Relationships-Regrets !!! If you are going through the Highs and Lows of love…. this one is for you

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