Shocking : Vishesh Bhatt to make web series based on R K Laxman’s characters

26 . Dec . 2018
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  • Vishesh Bhatt to make web series based on R K Laxman’s book Servants of India

Vishesh Bhatt will soon be making a web series based on the R K Laxman book, Servants of India. The book is about multiple characters who are servants of the members of middle-class India. Vishesh comes from the Bhatt family.

Vishesh has earlier made Jannat and Jannat 2, two films that were about the high-flying life of scamsters and criminals. It will be interesting to see how he handles the concept that’s deeply based in the middle-class life of India. R K Laxman’s characters have been adapted earlier for tv series, most famously for the series Malgudi Days, which critics and audiences consider to be one of the best tv series from India.

According to reports, the characters will be adapted, and it won’t be a simple book-to-screen journey for the series. In a statement, Vishesh said that he was happy that the Laxman family believed in him and gave him a chance to tell he stories. He said that Laxman had interesting stories and the vulnerable characters enhanced the vision. He also said that the series will have some contemporary twists. The series is a collaboration of RK IPR Management and Vishesh Films.