The Most Shocking Deaths in Web series 2017

30 . Dec . 2017
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All writers know that ‘Kill your darlings’ is what makes the fiction world go around. Character deaths are something that writers go for, for many reasons. Sometimes, people who play the character just don’t want to give time to the series. Other times, the show’s facing a plateau and they want something to raise the bar. Some character deaths are par for the course, others are just there for shocking the audience. We look at the top five shocking deaths in web series in 2017.

The President and the White House (Designated Survivor)

The Designated Survivor started with a bang – literally. The series has the entire White House, along with the President die because in a bomb blast – and the only person who can be President is Thomas Kirkman, the former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

Zoe Barnes (House of Cards)

Yes, the show is being hate-watched now and there are murmurs of the show not having the kind of intensity that it had in it’s earlier days. But the death of Zoe Barnes is the exact kind of intensity that the show promised. The first death, and such an early death, in the series is what shocked audiences into watch the series. In fact, the death of Zoe Barnes forms part of the major crux in the series, with the death coming back to haunt the perpetrator in later episodes.

Charlie (Two and a Half Men)

Now, this death was as shocking as the real-life incidents that caused it to happen. Charlie Sheen, the heart of the series was involved in a very public fallout with the show’s creators. He walked off the show and the writers had to completely retool the show. Which they did, but this was another character death that became a pop movement in 2017.

The Intruder (Bates Motel)

Bates Motel is a prequel to Psycho, so deaths are evident, but the first death really knocked the audiences off their boots. And that’s because it was our first look at the life of Norman Bate’s murder. Audiences weren’t quite ready to see that a killer’s mother is also essentially a murderer.

Will Gardner (The Good Wife)

Oh, the surprise this one had. Will Gardner, one of the main characters in the series – and the romantic interest for the titular character’s death is not just shocking, it was one of the best plot points ever written down. Will’s death seemed like death in the family for the show’s audience.

These were the shocking character deaths that we saw in 2017 in the world of streaming. Do you have a favourite, tell us in the comments section.

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