“She’s just not that into you”, says The Screen Patti with its latest sketch

07 . May . 2019
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Most men believe that once they’ve gotten a girl to say yes to a relationship, their job is done. After that, it’s smooth sailing. However, that’s far from the truth. A relationship needs constant nurturing from both partners and taking things for granted can only lead to one thing – singlehood all over again! The Screen Patti, in its hilarious new sketch takes a look at the story of a young couple Rishi (Chandan Anand) and Shreya (Apoorva Arora), where Shreya is clearly displaying signs of wanting to move on from the relationship, but Abhinav is oblivious to it all!

But here’s the thing, how can one tell that she’s losing interest in the relationship? Are there signs that men can look out for? Of course there are. Taking a cue from The Screen Patti’s latest sketch, here are a few signs that should make you super nervous:

1 . She’s no longer interested in talking to you

When a girl is truly into you, she will want to talk to you all the time. Early morning, midnight, during a meal – no time is off limits. But, if a girl is losing interest in you – the first sign is look for how quickly the duration of your phone calls is shrinking! If that’s not a sign of impending disaster, then we don’t know what is!

2 . She will stop being jealous of other women

So you were checking out another girl while you were on a date with your sweetheart and she didn’t say a thing? Time to be real scared bro! The day she stops caring about this, you need to start working really hard to get back into her good graces before its game over!

3 . She won’t care about your plans

She said no to a candle-light dinner? She’s not interested in chilling with you over the weekend? She doesn’t want to go to Paris for a romantic getaway? You’re clearly out of the picture. Time to get back to tweeting about being #ForeverAlone.

4 . She no longer appreciates you

You cooked dinner but she already ate outside and didn’t bother to tell you. You booked tickets to the movie she was dying to watch but she chose to stay in with the cat than going out with you. You sent her flowers which dried up on her doorstep. Yup, she’s no longer into you!

5 . You spot her profile on a dating app

First of all, perhaps that’s the reason why she’s no longer into you because what are you doing on a dating app when you’re already in a relationship? And secondly, might as well look for someone else to date because yeh toh gayi!

To find out if Shreya is planning to leave Rishi for real or whether she will change her mind, check out the latest video from TVF’s The Screen Patti.