Sheetal Menon talks about her outing in ErosNow webseries Flip

18 . Mar . 2019
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Sheetal Menon stars in one of the stories of the upcoming ErosNow anthology, Flip. We got in touch with her to know more about the character and her experience shooting in the forest.

How did you become a part of the show?

Bejoy had directed three episodes. He wrote the story a few years ago. Whenever he writes a story, he’ll have a character in mind.  He disclosed it to me that he sees me doing this part. I was surprised. I was unsure whether I’d be able to do justice to a part like this.  The character was extremely strong, mentally and physically. But we discussed it and it happened.

Can you tell us about your character?

There’s a lot of mystery to this character. The audience doesn’t get to know much about her. She speaks very little. She comes across as a helpless person, who’s just there. That’s all I can say now. All the characters are wary of each other and don’t exactly trust.

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How sure were you about doing justice to the character?

I was doubtful whether I’d be able to pull off such a role. I had to do a lot of fighting and the way the character was… I was afraid of the action and stunts like jumping from heights. I walked all through that, because I considered this to be the opportunity of a lifetime.

How did you prepare for the role?

We had very little time in hand by the time the shooting started. The entire shoot for just for 20 days out of Mumbai. It’s difficult to get any kind of physical training in that time. Any kind of martial arts role requires at least one month of training, just to get a hang of it. I had to train three to four hours every day.

How was the shooting experience?

It was one of the best shoots of my life. That’s because I have done very less work. I never saw doing this kind of a role – being in the forest, Knowing Bejoy, he’d throw actors in the jungle and just be the survivors. We were in the lakes, there were snakes. There was a fear, there were wild elephants roaming around. But the shoot was a big high. We just wanted to get it done. It was tough to get to some of the shooting locations. Hats off to the crew.

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Do you think the audiences are ready for an anthology?

The audiences are ready for anything. They are mature and know what they want. They are up for any kind of story and will accept it if it is well made. It doesn’t matter if you restrict it in one hour or small stories in four episodes. The audiences will like it if the packaging is done well.

Will we see you in one of those viral videos?

I am not very keen on those viral videos. But yes, I have directed a short film and I am working on the post-production. I feel that the streaming platform is a great opportunity for everybody. What we lack now is content. There are platforms ready to take good content and good stories.

What’s next for you?

I am looking for some new projects. Any role that’s well written and has substance, I am open for that.

ErosNow will stream Flip soon.