She-Ra, the spin-off character from He-Man comes to Netflix

11 . Sep . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

80s kids will remember He-Man, the Filmation series that took an entire generation by storm. The classic animation series was broadcast on Doordarshan in India. Later, He-Man became an animated series and was quite popular. Now, Netflix is bringing She-Ra, a spin-off of character to its streaming channel.

The first trailer is out and it’s so deliciously eighties that it will give you a retro feel right now. The trailer shows a young girl, Adora, wielding the sword and saying a phrase that’s different but still like the classic one quoted by He-Man. This is DreamworksTV at work and the series looks quite promising.

He-Man has long been said to be a jinxed series. After the release of the retro series, there was a heavily panned film in the 80s, that essentially switched off all interest in the franchise. With Netflix now coming out with a new series, it could be a revival of the entire franchise in one quick swoop.

Watch the trailer here: